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We provide ODM,OEM and JDM services, and we have the intelligent electroinc control technologies meeting the needs from household appliances,commercial,industrial and medical instruments markets on hardware and software. We provide development and manufacturing solutions for all kinds of customized electrical control systems.

Our R&D Team The company has 5 project managers, 2 packagng designers,3 ID engineers, 2 software engineers, 8 hardware engineers,6 structural engineers, 8 test engineers, 2 certification engineers,DQE 3 engineers. 

Topband invests at least 10% of its revenue into R&D each year. Built a high qualified R&D team of almost 400 engineers and obtained more than 200 patents, we possess some amount of leading control solutions and key algorithms in the technologies of TFT touch, fuzzy control, fluid control, variable frequency control, image identification and processing etc,.


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