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Topband portable solar power station|Topband power outdoors/Topband portable solar power station for both indoor use and off-grid outdoor activities like camping, Emergency rescue, car off-road,hunting and fishing. Charge smartphones, tablets, laptops, coolers & small appliances when you are on the go.

Case introduction of portable solar power station applied outdoors

TB500 portable solar power station-solving outdoor shooting problems

Nowadays, more and more people tend to shoot outdoors. Outdoors are more real and natural than indoors, but there are too many uncontrollable factors outdoors, and photographers will always face a variety of unknown challenges-outdoor electricity problems , The camera's own power is far from meeting the needs of outdoor shooting for more than three or four hours. For this, the TB500 portable solar power station developed by Topband can perfectly solve this problem, so that outdoor shooting is no longer troubled by power shortage. 

TB500 portable solar power station-Solving power outages in mountain homes

No matter how developed cities are, typhoons, rainstorms, and strong winds will bring power outages to related areas. Today, power outages in mountainous areas are more frequent. The capacity of portable solar power station supplies on the market is small, prices are confusing, and security cannot be guaranteed. For these problems, Shenzhen Topband battery has been engaged in the power supply industry for 13 years and has many years of experience. The TB500 portable energy storage power supply developed and produced can solve this problem. It has a large capacity of 560Wh and meets the power supply for cooking such as induction cookers, rice cookers, kettles, etc. demand. It has 3 USBs, 2 DCs. 1 type-c, 1* cigarette lighter, 2 AV sockets, and 1 high-brightness LED lighting, which is beyond the reach of similar products.

TB500 portable solar power station-Outdoor cross country

Drivers who are keen on outdoor off-road always face the problem of power supply. On the way, they have to go through glaciers, rivers, and harsh environments. Drivers cannot communicate and eat without power. TB500 portable solar power station can provide a movable power supply for all communication equipment to meet the power needs of mobile phones, car refrigerators, oxygen generators, induction cookers and other equipment. It can also be used as lighting. The built-in LED lights have strong, weak, SOS distress signal and other functions. When a car startup failure is encountered in the wild, the TB500 portable solar power station supply can easily solve this problem.



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